10 marla house design (Naqsha)

10 Marla house design (Naqsha)

Ground Floor

require 10 marla house (Naqsha) design for your dream house you are at the right place

we will give you 10 marla Home design (Naqsha) as per your requirements with every working Drawing electric and plumbing pipes front elevation in 2d and 3d plan and considerably more like ceiling plans.

but you need to know important things before making your house plan or starting construction.

  1. Your House Location
  2. Location is facing south or north east-west ( for usage of global environment ) like air and sun location it does matter a lot
  3. Plot depth from the road level ( what would be the extra cost of your deep plot )

It is a very important thing that we are telling you.

because you are going to spend a lot of money on your house and you want the best possible things for the living

these facts are basic but extremely important if you know, just like the sunrise from the east and sunset in the west.

what about air direction did you know about air direction.

Did you know about the cost?

know about the structural facts of the building?

so go for a good architect who designs your home at a moderate level and provide you with a good environment.

now we would like to guide you about drawings how many types of drawings are you seek for?


  1. Layout Drawings
  2. Working Drawings
  3. Front Elevation Drawing 2D
  4. 3D Elevation Drawing
  5. Electric Drawing
  6. Foundation Plans
  7. Structural Plans ( For Steel Binding ) R.C.C slabs
  8. Ceiling Plans
  9. Floor Patterns and much more drawings are available

it depends on how many drawings do you want.

Look Below let me give a glimpse of our company architect catalogue working drawing and all that stuff for construction.

that you should have before starting construction for the 10 marla home design

approxmaitely 10 marla home covered area

Ground Floor 1600/ square feet

First Floor 1450/ square feet

2nd Floor ( mumty ) 200/ square feet

covered area it depends on the requirment of your accommodation



we know that you are a smart guy/girl who is looking for the information for an architect or a contractor.for 10 marla house design

who give you all these services at a great price. but there are lots of things that you don’t know unless you are an expert in this field

if you are paying for your 10 marla plan drawings won’t regret because you are doing right.

a good architect company eventually saving your precious money. which you have to spend on your house construction

We have the best-experienced architects.

we are providing 10 marla house design drawings at the reasonable amount.

Al  Naafay Construction Company Lahore

House Construction Grey Structure Rs 1250-1350/sqft A+

Architect Design Plans