Construction Stages Building House

There some important things that you need to know before starting your house construction.

because home doesn’t make every day.

  1. Hire a good Architect and a construction company

    • if you don’t hire a good architect you might lose lots of money.
    • normally peoples made their house without a professional architect and they did make lots of mistakes and waste of money.
    • A normal person doesn’t know about sun orientation benefits and disadvantages
    •  Air Ventilation is much important than you think
    • Not complete paperwork ( All House Working Drawings ) Electric, Plumbing, Structural, Elevation and more
  2. Construction Company

    • There are lots of companies around you they don’t work professionally.
    • Don’t know about construction safety and structural point of view
    • start your housework without any paperwork and without working on your house drawings
    • They don’t work with BOQ ( how much a project going to cost )
    • Left the project in the middle of lots of things and that thing is going to much more cost you.
    • Don’t have professional teams to build your dream house
  3. Working

    • Make sure your depth of plot from the road level
    • clean your plot from heavy stone and roots and all
    • for the foundation must be excavated more than 2 feet
    • Termite treatment in the foundation before starting work
    • use of gravel (M10)  ratio 1:4:8 compaction or steel footing in the foundation as your architect recommend
    • start brickwork from the foundation as your architect design till D.P.C
    • backfilling of the plot with sand and mix mud ( ghaso )
    • DPC setup and seepage treatment
    • Brickwork till superstructure according to your house working drawings
    • Ground Floor lentil as specified
    • Same First Floor till superstructure
    • Second floor as working drawings
    • Parapet wall
    • roof water treatment then (heat insulation if required ) polythene bag, mud, roof tile with cement grouting
    • electric work all pipes before the plaster
    • Water Tank & Septic tank
    • plumbing work sewerage, GAS, Water
    • Plaster Work All over the house front elevation and all house side
    • before PCC Termite Treatment on the Ground Floor
    • Laying Gravel or (RORI) Brick Blast on the ground and first floor and well compacted
    • concrete layer on all floor including passageway RAMP
    • Boundary wall make

Construction Stages Building House

Finishing Items

After finish, the grey work of your house immediately starts finishing work of your dream house.

  1. First of all-electric wiring 3/29, 7/29, 7/36, 7/44, RG 11 wires underground
  2. paint filling of the inside walls there are lots of companies of paint in the market most of them are good Black Horse, Jotun, Nippon
  3. Start false ceiling work design as you want you can google it or your architect drawings
  4. Then Start Flooring Marble or tiles china tiles or local marble you marble installation person should be good they can ruin your floor water level and you will be stuck whenever you think to clean your floor with water, in fact, your finishing items all labour should be good
  5. after flooring start woodwork doors room cabinets kitchen work kitchen cabinets
  6. Paint job indoor (interior) and outdoor (exterior) as your colour them
    1. filling 2 coats
    2. paint 3 coast
    3. Polish Door & door frames and border
    4. main metal gate
    5. Safety grills (if have any)
  7. aluminium work and all glass work as required
  8. fancy lights

Construction Stages Building House is not that easy as you think it is if you lot of time then you might be able to do it.

there are lots of loopholes that still you don’t know it doesn’t mean you can’t do it you have to do it for your dream house and family


Construction Stages Building House


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