We execute complete gray structure on fixed covered area rate. Later on, upon client’s intention, we also provide complete finishing services; our competitive edge is powered by unique knowledge and expertise in turnkey projects. We bring efficient project management that will make you able to succeed in the market through unique application of turnkey expertise in engineering and construction management. Our project idea is based on fair and economical cost along with targeted timelines at each stage of the project

Gray Structure Construction Checklist


  1. Leaning and marking as per drawing specification
  2. Boring and water (if required)
  3. Digging of plot as per drawing specification
  4. P.C.C. filling & compaction as per drawing specification
  5. Termite proofing underground (with warranty certificate for 10 years )
  6. P.C setup with ( maximum of 3 feet below road level)
  7. Seepage treatment on base with compound chemical + chips 
  8. Filling of plot(max depth 2 feet or as decided extra charges)
  9. Masonry work till door linter as per drawing (1st class ENT + plus cement) 1:4:4 ratios.
  10. Door base of metal (16 gage with compound treatment)
  11. Door linters (inclusive of shades)
  12. C.C slab (as per drawing specification including beams)
  13. Elevation shapeup as per drawing (or 3D )
  14. Plasters inside & outside(excluding roof if ceiling to be made)
  15. Staircase till plaster (extra charges for metal staircase)
  16. Sewerage piping ( C.I) inside baths, kitchen underground etc.(Popular or as decided)
  17. Sanitary piping (G.I) inside water + gas (as per drawing ) PPRC
  18. Electric underground  piping (as per drawing ) Popular
  19. Septic tank (as per drawing specification)
  20. H. water tank as per drawing specification
  21. Termite treatment on ground floor before P.C.C
  22. Cemented floors with water leveling as per drawing specification
  23. Rooftop completion plus heat insulation(plastic, coal tar, tiles, etc)