Latest Construction Rates of Material


Latest Construction Rates Material


Nowadays construction material prices are getting higher day by day due to government acts. And construction material Suppliers are taking advantage of this government act for instance, if you call one salesperson for the material rates don’t do it at least call three or four parties for the probably you will get the good rate and good quality of material although there are many types of construction material qualities and construction rates material you need-to-know about product detail which is best for you however, you want the best material at the best rate after all, home does not make every day

Construction Material rates

  • Cement
  • Brick
  • Sand
  • Crush
  • Gravel
  • Steel ( Sarya )
  • Door Frame
  • Labor Rate


Latest construction rates material


Last update 18-09-2019


Brick/1000 Awal Barshi khingar 2nd
1100 1000 9500 1000
Cement/50kg bag Maple Bestway D.G
530 525 525
Rebar/kg ( Sarya) Grade 60 Grade 40 Local
125 122 104
crush/sqft Sargodha Rohi Margala
68 73 74
Sand /sqft Ravi Trolly Chenab Lawrance
8000 32/sqft 65/sqft
Roof Top Tile awal 2nd
8500 7500


latest construction rates material

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