What type of door available in the market with new designs?

w. 25Doors are very important for the house especially the main door which is very important for the house.

there are many type of doors available in the market

  1. Single Leaf Door ( Panel Door ) Malaysia, Thailand, China
  2. Double Lead Door ( Panel Door ) Malaysia, Thailand, China
  3. Folding Door ( Panel Door ) Malaysia, Thailand, China

Panel Wooden Doors design and how it is made?


Panel wooden door mostly used for the rooms single door because it is for cost-saving and durable that’s why most people use panel wooden door single.

how it is made one more thing that I would like to tell you how this panel doors made with a sheet fundamentally these Panel doors sheets import from Malaysia and China just the front sheet.

if you are living in Pakistan then you must have seen panel wooden doors. panel start panel price starting from 280 per square feet  and up to 350 per square feet in its dependence on the design and the material 

Panel door price starting from 270/sqft with the good filling of material and good quality wood frame

Single door 3.5 x 7 – 24.5 x 270 = 6,615 PKR

Single door 2.5 x 7 – 17.5 x 270 = 4,725 PKR


Semi-Solid wooden Doors


Semi-solid doors are made of MDF sheet and solid wood used on the mainframe size is 8 inches up to 10 inches and on the center of the door MDF sheet used for the designing.

you can say that nowadays the solid wooden doors are much expensive than semisolid doors than panel doors. with semi-solid doors.

you can make any design that you like on the solid wood doors.

Now you think Semi-solid doors are not durable and economical as compared to Solid Door with Cheap Wood.

No, you think wrong these doors are very durable after you apply the paint polish on them. they don’t narrow or tight with the weather atmosphere semi-solid door cost is starting from 450/sqft upto 550 sqft it depends on the design and costing of door material 3.5 feet door measurement 24.5 sqft. Mostly border use of kail wood for the semi-solid doors and for the design MDF sheet use. that why it is cheaper than solid wood doors.

single door cost is 3.5 x 7 – 24.5 x 450 = 11,025 PKR

single door cost is 2.5 x 7 – 17.5 x 450 = 7,875 PKR


Benefits of Semi-Solid Doors



> Economical rates with very beautiful design just like solid wood

> Designers Choice

> Couztomizeable Design

> Strong Doors


Solid Wooden Doors


Solid Wooden doors design are expensive nowadays in the market there are many types of wood available with lots of variety and with price difference imported wood and local wood available in the market

Famous wood availability in the Pakistan market

> Diyaar
> ASH Wood
> Sagwaan
> Mohaagni
> Meranti
> Partal ( Pakistan, China )
> Kail


Diyaar doors are the most expensive in Pakistan. but if it is that much expensive there are so many benefits for diyaar wood doors. Termite and weather don’t affect diyar wood you can make any design with the help of a carpenter.

and if you talk about ASH wood it is cheaper than diyaar ASH is a very beautiful wood with grains and Matt polish.

Diyaar Wood doors cost starting from 1400/sqft

24.5 x 1400 = 34,300 single door cost

17.5 x 1400 = 24,500 single door cost

and if you want to know about ASH wood door cost that is also not that cheap as you think.

ash wood door cost you around 1200/sqft

24.5 x 1200 = 29,400

17.5 x 1200 = 21,000

and if you just want the solid door for your house and wood doesn’t matter to you then you can buy solid wood door with partal and kail wood as well. but with these types of wood, you need to take care of your door as well especially door polish and other accessories. water is very dangerous to this door. termite can ruin your door but if you good take care of them you know need to worry about.


wooden doors design


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