Bricks price in Lahore

Bricks price in Lahore

People don’t know brick prices and all the quality and availability in Lahore.

There are so many types of bricks available in the market we will tell you about quality and quantity and rate so you get the right thing. when you are going to buy bricks for your home.

first of all, i would inform you how to check the quality of bricks

for that you need to break a brick if that brick is easily broken that means the quality of brick is low you don’t need to buy that brick

if that brick is not easily breakable then you should think to buy the bricks but before that, you need to check the size of the bricks

Bricks Size Check

3″ thickness

9″ length

4.5 ” width

if bricks size is not as mentioned as above then don’t buy that brick

Strength Brick Check

Normally Red Brick 1st class psi is 1200 to 1500 you can test this brick by near building material laboratory that brick test is normal and don’t cost much approx. 500/PKR

and 2nd class bricks psi starting from 800 to 1000 psi you will face seepage problem and building strength and more problems

so if you need good strength brick you need to check the quality as well

don’t buy cheap bricks buy good quality bricks for your home 







Last update 01/10/2021    
Class Price QTY Amount
1st Class Brick (Awal) 13 5000 65000
2nd Class (Doum) 11 5000 55000
Brick Blast ( Rora) 600/sqft 1 18000