steel saria price in Lahore Pakistan

There are so many Steel manufactured companies in Lahore Pakistan. But only a few are best

best Steel companies in Lahore (steel saria price in Lahore Pakistan)

Ittefaq Steel

Model Steel

Amrelli Steel

Mughal Supreme

Ittehad Steel

S.J Steel

F.F Steel

Bilal Steel

and other more local steel companies are good if you don’t have that enough money and you want to build a house at a reasonable price.

you can still buy local steel for your home especially for the small house you can use local steel. because small houses don’t have long or big hall spans so it’s alright to use local steel for the small houses.

but if you have a job with big halls and big house spans use only grade 60 steel recommended to use especially for the commercial do not use local steel use only grade 60 steel

for commercial buildings there are so many columns and for the pillar, you will have to use only grade 60 steel 

steel saria price in Lahore Pakistan




laste update 29/09/2021      
Size mm Size Local Branded Grade 60 Branded Grade 40 Local Scrap Steel
10 mm  3 sotar 179 172 157
12 mm 4 sotar 177 171 155
16 mm 5 sotar 177 171 155
20 mm 6 sotar 177 171 155
25 mm 1 inch 177 171 155