LED Lights Exxsn Special with 1 year warranty just for information not for sale 

Exxsn Special SMD Downlight ( Ceiling Light ) 7 w – 12 w SMD Lights super bright


  • No UV IR
  • No Dimmable version available
  • Mercury-free Lead-free
  • High Brightness SMD L.E.D
  • High Energy Efficiency low power consumption
  • Long lifespan low temperature rising
  • 120 beaming angle
  • light efficiency>80LM/W.

COB Lights Exxsn Special with 1 year warranty


  • Hotel, shopping mall, ETC
  • office, meeting room, exhibition hall
  • Residential lighting such as aisle, washroom, corridor, storehouse, etc:
  • Shop window, paint displaying artwork performance, etc

Take the advantage of DC Powered LED lights products specially designed and suitable for Renewable energy use with minimum losses. We are the giant supplier of LED Lights in, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and other cities. We carry long time led lights warranty of 1 years for the lighting products and provide it with CREE and Edison LED lights with high lighting efficacy ranging b/w 120~140 Lumen per watt. We offer mounting frames for the led lights PV units, battery attachments and provide turnkey installation services. Valued customers can sublet there mechanical works and installation jobs to us and we can provide fitting as per client’s necessities.

Why Choose Exxsn Led Light?

Exxsn LED lights bulbs are currently about to take cover the lighting technology market by storm. and this with good reasons, Exxsn LED bulbs are far more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly and also a cost-saving alternative to the conventional incandescent and CFL light bulbs. These are also the main reason for both private and public transformation and upgrading of residential and commercial lighting technology systems to LED illumination. but are aware of just how much Exxsn difference LED light bulbs can make energy-saving sustainability and financial spending?

  1. LED Light bulbs are more energy efficient

  2. Bulbs have a longer lifespan

  3. LED bulbs help you save money on your electricity bills

  4.  Non- toxic and greener than other alternatives

  5. LED lighting is flexible in color design