1 kanal house construction cost in Lahore Pakistan

‭1,408,000‬1,890,0001 Kanal house construction cost details work step by step and more

As you know there are so many construction companies in Lahore that are offering grey structure prices /sqft different prices

why there their prices are different as compare to each other there are so many things

For Example

1 office expenses

2 highly paid employed with experiences but they not gonna spend time on your project

3 their luxurious things actually you are paying for that

well nowadays peoples prefer to work only with labour without material I think that decision is not good because you are not professional

you don’t know how to calculate the material, especially steel crushed bricks sand as well as you don’t know their qualities

Most people buy things as other relatives or friends’ advice and even they don’t that much about construction material and other checks and balance

first of all, time to make a smart move go for the grey structure with the material then if you think they have done a good job with the material and with good quality of material

then go for the turnkey project this is my strong recommendation to you guys

but if you think you can spend time on your project and take care of material quality and quantity then go for the labour rate it’s a good decision.

let’s start with our main topic which is 1 Kanal house construction cost

let’s start with labour cost first thing that comes first


what is the labour cost for the 1 Kanal house construction without a basement?


approximately 1 Kanal house construction covered area is 5400/sqft (only slab measurement ) without windows shade and tanks

Nowadays Labour construction rate is starting from 350/sqft up to 450/sqft

but if you start construction on labour rate they gonna take the measurement for the windows shades and all tanks (overhead tanks, septic tank, underground water tank)

and might be there is a possibility they gonna charge you separately for the boundary wall as well

without all extra measurement of shades and all 1 Kanal house covered area is 5400/sqft or with all shades and boundary wall work covered area is up to 6000/sqft

1 Kanal house covered area

5400/sqft x 350/sqft labour rate =‭1,890,000‬ /=PKR


Lets  Talk About Bricks

how many bricks do we need for the construction of 1 Kanal house in Lahore Pakistan?

there are so many types of bricks available in the market as you know some of them are available at cheap rate as compared to the market. and some of them available at a high price

nowadays newly fly ash brick is also available in the market which is better than a red brick in every aspect

ash fly bricks are good as compere to the strength red brick strength is up to 1200PSI but if you test ash brick you gonna get that brick psi 2000 plus

red brick price is starting from 13 rupees each brick ( red brick is made from mud and good heat curing )

and ash fly brick  starting from @ 12.5 within Lahore city ( ash fly brick made of sand cement crush and ash fly of the coil just like concrete )

now ash fly brick is recommended both bricks sizes are the same there is no difference

you will need 125000 bricks for the construction of 1 Kanal house

Approx. Bricks 125000 @ 13.5 =  ‭1,890,000/ PKR

Now we are going to talk about cement for the cost of construction 1 Kanal house?

mostly are cement available in the market at the same price there is such no big difference in the cement and cement prices go up and down on the weekly basis.

and cement strength is also the same whether you are using charath cement or maple strength and grade is same cement grade is 54 and psi is up to 10000

you will need 1800 cement bags for the house construction of 1 Kanal

Cement 1800 bags @ 880 = ‭1,408,000‬ PKR

Steel (rebar )

Steel Required for the 1 Kanal house in Lahore?

in the market, there are so many types of steel available by different names with qualities

the main thing is for the steel quality and quantity there are some shopkeepers are think they don’t provide a full quantity of the steel

you can check the weight by scale but you are not sure whether the actual weight is correct or wrong

you don’t know how to calculate the steel as I told you brands with different rates and weights and quality some brands are providing the length of 40 feet for each bar and some 39.5 feet.

that how they thug you and more ways cant tell you all

Top Brands in steel Pakistan Lahore

  • Ittefaq
  • Model
  • Amerili
  • Kamran
  • Mughal

Steel rate Grade 60 is 211/KG

1 Kanal house if simple construction then you gonna need around 9 to 11-ton steel for the 2 story house construction.

Deformed Bar steel ASTM615 9500 @ 211 = 2,004,500‬/= PKR


Backfilling of the plot

if your plot depth from the road level is around 2 to 3 feet then you will need 150,000/= for the backfilling of the plot ( ghaso ravi )

250,000/= Backfilling ( ghaso )

Crush (Gravel ) for construction Kanal home in Lahore  Pakistan

4 type of crush are available in the Lahore Punjab Pakistan market at different prices

  • Sargodha
  • Rohi
  • Margala


for the crush item most important thing is the quantity the forged you with quantity.

if the actual quantity of the crush is 900/sqft they will tell you 1200/sqft that how they forged you with quantity

so you need to be very careful with crush items or otherwise, they gonna rob you with their trick

crush (gravel ) rates Lahore Pakistan

  • Sargodha  95
  • Rohi  75
  • Margala 98

Crush you need for the Slab Pouring and all beams and Final Floor P.C.C with kitchen and Store Slabs 3600 @ 95 = 342,000


Sand for house construction for 1 Kanal 

3 types of sand are available in the market in Punjab Lahore Pakistan

  • Ravi 18
  • Chenab 35
  • Lawrance Pur 65

Ravi sand is good for masonry work most people use Ravi sand for the brickwork then they used Chenab sand for the lentil pouring and plasterwork.

Ravi sand truck u need for the masonry work and lentil pouring 16 @ 17,000 =  192,000

1 Chenb Sand Dumper you need for the plaster 1 @ 46 x 1300/sqft = 49,400

Total Sand 272.000/PKR


Electric Pipes for Construction of your House

it depends on your working drawings and interior drawings at normal base I would like to tell you what would be approx cost you need for electrical work. there are so many many brands available in market

trust me if I am going to tell you companies names there will be a huge list for the electric companies name

top 3 electrical pipes companies

  • Popular
  • Turk Plast
  • GM Electric

Approx you will need for the electrical pipes. 175,000/=PKR

Electric labour for the 1 kanal house

electric working drawings if normal then labour cost is around 120,000/PKR


Plumbing Pipes Sewerage Upvc Gas Water PPRC

As you know same so many companies in the market for the pipes local and branded companies for the UPVC and PPRC pipes

Top pipes companies for the 1 kanal house

  • Popular
  • Turk Plast
  • Dura

important note

now in these pipes, if you are thinking of one of these brands for the purchase of 1 Kanal house sewerage and gas water. three types of qualities in these brand of pipes

first I would like to tell you about UPVC pipes


  • Medium 1st Quality
  • HD 2nd optional
  • Conduct 3rd option

Now let me tell you about PPRC pipes

  • 25pn Quality is mostly used for commercial activities
  • 20pn same for the commercial project
  • 16pn for the residential projects

approx you need amount for the UPVC and Pprc Pipes 350,000/=PKR

Plumbing Labour

only grey structure work plumbing rate for the 1 kanal house construction Lahore Pakistan

there are so many things you need to take care like plumbing test for the PPRC pipes and UPVC pipes


Termite Proofing Before flooring

you need to apply termite proofing chemical on the mud to make a proper barrier for the termite. later on you will face lots of problems, especially with the wood work.

there are some good companies in Lahore Pakistan that they are providing good services with termite warranty

approx 30,000/= cost for the termite


Brick Blast for the flooring P.C.C ( Plain Concrete Cement )

you will need at least 3 truck for the flooring brick blast

each truck cost around 32,000/PKR x 3 = 54,000/=

Mics Items

Mics items you need to take care while building your dream home 1 kanal house construction Lahore Pakistan

Security guard Pay

15,000 for the 4 months till grey structure = 60,000/=

some other bit more expences you need to take care 70,000/= like polythene bag roof mud tile water proofing on the roof and more..

total mics items around 250,000/=



4/15/2022 Items Pr/sqft – price QTY Amount Total
  Labor 350 5400    1,890,000    9,227,500
  Bricks 13.5 140000    1,890,000  
  Cement 880 1600    1,408,000  
  back filling           250,000  
  Crush (Gravel) 95 3600       342,000  
  Sand 17000 16       272,000  
  Steel 211 9500    2,004,500  
  Electric Pipes           175,000  
  Electric Labor           120,000  
  Plumbing Pipes           350,000  
  Plumbing Labor           150,000  
  Rori 32000 3          96,000  
  Termite 20 2200          30,000  
  Mics Items           250,000