1 kanal floor plan ground floor
1 kanal floor plan first floor

 kanal house floor plan ground floor

2nd option 

 house map ground floor

kanal house map First floor 2nd option

house map First floor

1 Kanal floor house plan for the two-story building we have lots of options but the most common plan we have shared with you 1 Kanal floor plan.

if you have any other requirements feel free to contact us for the 1 Kanal House Design.

we can provide 1 Kanal floor Design at a very reasonable rate with all working drawings. ( electric, plumbing, front elevation, 2D,3D, foundation section steel structural design and much more drawings.

Kanal Floor Plan House Electric Drawings

If you going to design the false ceiling on your house we are going to tell you with drawings

how you can save electric wire and pipes normally other companies don’t care about wastage of your wire and all other work

Kanal House Design Plumbing Drawings

our professional teams know where it is the best way to put your house sewerage in a septic tank. and how to resolve water slow and leakage problems and other plumbing work.

1 Kanal Floor Home Steel Structure Drawings

we design your house lentil slab ( structural design ) how to share and bare load with steel we don’t use steel much extra which is not recommended by our structural engineers.

Windows Beams work schedule

Doors Beams

Slab ( Roof lentil ) design Steel requirement

Foundation Plans

Foundations Plans

our team also provide foundation plans for your 1 Kanal floor plan.

1 Kanal Floor House Working drawings

we provide working drawings with the exact dimensions. walls size door sizes height and all other small work

1 Kanal House Front Elevation 2D & 3D Drawings

we provide front elevation in 2D and 3D drawing 2D is working drawing with that drawing your layman going to design your house front elevation.

and with 3D drawing, we give you best color combination and tiles work. how is your home going to look after the complication of work.



and we also provide LDA & TMA Approval submission drawings.

LDA and TMA Approved architects with submission plan for the approval from LDA.

Approved DHA Architects and other societies of Lahore.

we work professionally on your requirements for 1 kanal floor plan.

as compare to market our company Al Naafay Construction company Lahore we provide 1 kanal floor plan at the very economical rate.

these drawings are very important to start construction with all paper work

Feel free to contact us for any information