1 kanal house map 3D

we are going to provide you 1 kanal house map with 3D front elevation.

these are only just layout plans not working drawings.

if you need 1 Kanal house working drawings you will have to contact us.

These are trendy plans, and our designing charges are very reasonable.

it is standard size plot with dimension are 50 x 90 land plot size.

for example, if your plot is not a standard dimension. we can design your 1 Kanal house plan on your requirements.

we have designed and construct lots of plans

before starting construction of your dream house we will recommend completing your house drawings.

because later on, you will not regret it.

there are lots of benefits normally people don’t bother to complete working drawings.



  1. Room sizes ( for the living standard)
  2. benefits for your contractor
  3. structure stability
  4. electoral points ( like security camera Solar wiring and much more)
  5. plumbing points ( washroom sizes and the points where you are going to install your vanity commode and shower)
  6. foundation plans ( load-bearing walls )
  7. front elevation ( with 2D working drawings )

what are the benefits of drawings?

if you have your complete working drawings it is very easy to make a home on working drawings.

its double story house map that we have shown you. there are more plans available on your requirements.

mostly people who want to build a 1 Kanal house they like to have 2 bedrooms on the ground floor because they want a spacious room for living.

and if you have a big family you can have three bedrooms on the ground floor as well.

and on the first floor, they want three bedrooms with attached washrooms with a beautiful terrace.

on the first-floor, people want kitchen as well some of them said they will give their portion on rent purpose.

and some of them say they don’t want kitchen on the first floor just because they like their privacy and don’t give their home first floor for some money.




1 kanal house map ground floor
1 kanal house map ground floor
1 kanal house map 3D front elevatoin

we can provide all working drawings at a very reasonable rate.

  1. working drawings
  2. front elevation 2D and 3D
  3. electrical plans
  4. plumbing plan 
  5. structural drawings 
  6. foundation plans
  7. interior drawings
  8. submission Drawings ( for the LDA & TMA)