Sand Price in Lahore Pakistan

updated 27-5-22

Most people don’t know the price of the sand trolley in Lahore Pakistan

If you are unknown to the construction company mostly vendors are tug (fraud).

They will judge you by that you are not a regular customer and are unknown to the construction field.

they will give you less rate more than the market or they will give you a higher rate than the market

oh yes of course there are only two options in the rate 1 is higher and 1 is less than the market. But there is a caught.

A Big Bluff in sand price in Lahore Pakistan

what is that?

a very good question and very informatic intrusting they have a different type of frauds which they play with you.

if they give you less rate sand quantity will be less. oh yes, you don’t know how to calculate the sand measurement.

but luckily if you know how to calculate the sand measurement. what about quality if you know both these things then you must know about the construction field.

and if they give you a higher rate than the market with the best quality that means you are experiencing it very well.

trolly measurement is a different way

Lahore Pakistan with trolley size and rate

2500/sqft rate    6500/PKR

3000/SQFT       7500/PKR

4500/SQFT       12000/PKR


Sand Chenab Price in Lahore Pakistan

As you know Chenab sand is available out of Lahore city. that is why Chenab sand is a bit more expensive than Ravi River sand.

there are two types of Chenab sand available in the market with different areas

one is normal quality and the second one is very good quality no mud at all and sand size is also good

which is good for plasterwork and the sand colour is just like the white normal sand colour is light grey

this sand is available in sqft you will have to pay with measurement when the truck comes to your site

you will have to take measurements of the truck body inside and you will have to check the quality.

width x length x depth


Chenab sand rate in Lahore Pakistan


  1. 40/sqft
  2. 45/sqft