what is included in grey structure

what is included in grey structure or Framework imply in building and construction? What is consisted of in Grey Structure Masonry work or FRAMEWORK as well as what is NOT?

Framework and masonry work difference 

framework is column work with pillars and bricks work and mostly used for the commercial projects and grey structure masonry work is totally bricks work with a good ratio of cement and sand 

Its very general question people ask and they got robbed from local other contractors. and it depends on the work how you are dealing with your builder or contractor for the work to be done

items are very simple for the grey structure and all main items till plaster you can say that all masonry work included with plumbing and electric piping or you can count items mentioned below

All that looks grey it’s called grey structure. Following items been available in grey structure, however, require to get concurred before signing an agreement.


Grey Structure Work Items

ALL Wall surfaces Brick Wall mentioned in working drawings

Roofing system (Clay Tiles Mud Polythene Bag Bitumen or waterproofing)

Concrete Plaster to wall

Over Head Water tank (OH Tank) or dura master 300/gallon tank

Underground water container (UN Tank)

Roofing system water Tank

Sewage-disposal tank (Septic Tank)

Boundary wall

All under Ground Electric pipes

ALL sewerage Pipes

Safety Grills

Metal gate optional

what is not included in the grey structure

Electric wires

Flooring plaster & marble flooring or tiles

paint job


aluminium work

lights & switches

false ceiling

as told you optional metal gate

Land Escape

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what is not included in the grey structure

A Glimp of grey structure work

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