10 marla house design (Naqsha)

10 Marla Home plan(Naqsha)

Ground Floor

10 marla house design

10 marla house designing map naqsha

Require 10 marla house (Naqsha) design for your


the dream house you are at the right place


we will give you 10 Marla Home designs (Naqsha) as per your requirements with every working Drawing electric and plumbing pipes front elevation in 2d and 3d plan and considerably more like ceiling plans.

but you need to know important things before making your house plan or starting construction.

  1. Your House Location 10 marla house design
  2. Location is facing south or north east-west ( for the usage of the global environment ) like air and sun location it does matter a lot
  3. Plot depth from the road level ( what would be the extra cost of your deep plot ) for the foundation plans it should be solid
  4. you need to know about wind direction for the ventilation of the house and it should be airy
  5. sun direction for the daylight saving and west side
  6. your accommodation for how many persons you are going to build the house

It is a very important information that we are telling you.


because you are going to spend a lot of money on your house and you want the best possible things and moderate living style with the latest design for the living

these facts are basic but extremely important if you know, just like the sunrise from the east and sunset in the west.

what about air direction did you know about air direction.

Did you know about the cost? 10 marla house design

know about the structural facts of the building?

so go for a good architect who designs your home at a moderate level and provides you with a good environment.

now we would like to guide you about drawings how many types of drawings are you seek for?

niche drawings for the interior point of view 

qibla direction and many more things 

10 marla House Drawings


10 marla house construction cost click here


  1. Layout Drawings ( just Basic Drawing )
  2. Working Drawings ( all dimensions of the house plans every inch of your plan )
  3. Front Elevation Drawing 2D ( 2D Front elevation mean Ground floor & First Floor Height with road level of the building )
  4. 3D Elevation Drawing ( with best colour scheme )
  5. Electric Drawing (all light plugs and fans design chandelier plan cable point camera point )
  6. Foundation Plans 
  7. Structural Plans ( For Steel Binding Steel design and quantity ) R.C.C slabs
  8. Ceiling Plans ( with new and moderate way stylish design plan )
  9. Floor Patterns and much more drawings are available
  10.  Front boundary wall design 

Then interior drawings need for the designing


it depends on how many drawings work do you want with more drawings your concept clear you know that how

are your home gonna look like time what would be furniture layout and much

let say if we talk about only electric plans there are so many things to talk about like electric plumbing plans and more drawings

let’s talk about the only electric plan, later on, we will talk about other drawings and topic

if your electric plan is not clear as much as it should be.

do you know how many false ceiling lights should be in a room if there are so many lights in your room you gonna spend too much money on the electrical bill but what if you have less light it’s not gonna work well?

10 Marla home design


and there are so many things like fridge iron stand and more things light boards

which main wire should be installed as your requirement. how about pure copper wire for the house and lights and heavy-duty appliances.

and also forgot to tell you interior light decoration false ceiling rope light for niches and paint 3d light effect security camera.

for the exterior light. camera and more things cant talk about more on this topic all I can say that hire a professional person or company. because there are so many many small things which you should have to take care of.

Architectural Plan House Design Catalogue

Look Below let me give a glimpse of our company architect catalogue working drawing and all that stuff for construction.

that you should have before starting construction for the 10 Marla home design

approximately 10 Marla home covered area means how much sqft?

Basement on your requirement mostly people don’t require basement accommodation.

Ground Floor 1600/ square feet approx

First Floor 1450/ square feet approx

2nd Floor ( mumty ) 200/ square feet you can make more room on the 2nd floor it upto your reequipment 

the covered area it depends on the requirement of your accommodation and by laws of the society 

10 marla house design by laws


With LDA by laws you can covered the area 65% of plot 

you will have to leave space from front minimum 10 feet 

left or right passage 5 feet depends on the location of main gate or dead wall 

back passage 7 feet with bath room 40/sqft 

and if you talk about height maximum 38 feet 

you will have to create front elevation with this by laws modern or Spanish or Victorian or simple


10 marla house design best option




10 marla house designing catalog
10 marla house designing working