Best wall paint in Pakistan for interior and exterior

Which Company is Good for Your Home Interior and Exterior?

A most common question most people as which paint is good enough for the interior and exterior.

which is cheap and with the best quality and coverage?

All paints and led basis in Pakistan with good coverage

and there are so many companies in Pakistan that they are offering good paint for the interior and exterior

Best Paint Companies in Pakistan

Best Interior Paints in Pakistan

Best Walls Paints in Pakistan

ICI Pakistan Limited

ICI Pakistan Limited is part of your life in ways you may not even be aware of.
Our essential products have applications across sectors, from construction to textiles; from healthcare to water treatment –
making us a part of your home and your day, every day.


Berger Paints

Berger was established two centuries ago and now it has grown to become one of the world’s largest paints manufacturer.

In Pakistan, history of Berger is as old as the history of Pakistan. Best Walls Paints in Pakistan

Berger started its operations in Pakistan in 1950 and was the first organized Paint Company to offer premium products through import from the United Kingdom.

BERGER PAINTS PAKISTAN LTD. became a public limited company in 1974, when 49.38% of its shares were acquired by Pakistani investors,

while the remaining 50.62% were held by U.K. parent company, Jenson & Nicholson Limited. In 1991 Slotrapid Limited, a U.K.

the based company with diversified business interests, acquiring control of Berger Paints Pakistan Limited by gaining 50.62% shares of the company.


Brighto Paints

The road to success begins with a vision which, derived from a single idea.

A vision to develop a paint company in Pakistan, a brand which delivers products of international quality standards and state of the art paint development techniques,

to relinquish the gap between the international production and supply of paint in Pakistan and be a market leader in all aspects of development in the paint.

If you ever wondered who painted the future of Pakistan’s paint industry bright and green, the answer is simply, “Brighto”!


gobis paint


Diamond Paints

Established in 1982, Diamond Paint Industries Pvt. Limited has come a long way to enjoy the privilege of being

Pakistan’s “No. 1 Selling National Brand”. Best Walls Paints in Pakistan

Through our dedicated team of around 400 individuals and a network that distributes to over

1500 decorative and industry dealers nationwide,

besides that done abroad, we are continuously progressing and evolving ourselves. With Diamond Paints’ sheer determination,

vision and the urge to be the finest industrial, Powder Coating and Decorative paint manufacturers in the industry, our customers can rest assured that

we keeping up with their ever-changing needs. We are in the business of bringing our customers’ imaginations to life


Master paints

Master Paints Industries (Pvt) Limited is one of Pakistan’s leading Paint Manufacturing organizations. Formed in 1975,

the foremost objective of the company was to introduce modern paint technology in Pakistan. Soon after its existence,

it acquired a very sound position by attaining considerable market share and soon became one of the leading decorative paint manufacturing company in Pakistan in terms of quality.

Behind this marvellous progress of the company, there are highly qualified personnel who shaped the company into the leading organization by virtue of their qualification and experience.

Master Paint’s R&D department remains in pursuit of highest standards of quality, innovating and applying the modern technology in decorative paints.

Master paints, fortunately, has a very dynamic team of marketing and production personnel

who has been striving to keep the company as the leading one in Pakistan’s paint Market?

Now the consumers don’t hesitate to accept Master Paints as the symbol of full satisfaction.