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Grey Structure Items


  • Plot Leaning and marking according to architectural working drawings.
  • Boring and water (if required) for the construction we will provide boring only for the construction services.
  • House trenches Excavating of the plot as per drawing design.
  • P.C.C. filling & compaction as per drawing order with the machine.
  • Termite proofing concealed (with warranty certificate for 10 years )
  • D.P.C (Damp Proof Concrete ) setup with ( maximum of 2 feet below road level)
  • Seepage treatment on external wall base with the compound chemical.
  • Back Filling of the plot (max depth 3 feet or as decided extra charges)
  • Masonry work till door linter as per drawing (1st class ENT + plus cement) 1:4: ratios. for all walls including boundary 
  • Door base of metal (16 gauge with compound treatment) G.I ( Gisti) 
  • Door lintels with beams as structural design (inclusive of shades) all over the house only on windows and outside passageway doors.
  • R.C.C slab  with 1:2:4 Ratio (as per drawing specification including beams same as design for the structural)
  • Elevation shapeup as per drawing (or 3D ) including all front beams and shades
  • Plasters inside & outside(excluding roof if ceiling to be made) as decided before the contract.
  • Staircase till plaster from the back if required (extra charges for metal staircase)
  • Sewerage piping  inside baths, kitchen underground etc. (Popular, Turk Plast, Master, )
  • Sanitary piping inside water with gas (as per drawing ) PPRC all over the house. Popular,
  • Electric underground  piping (as per drawing ) Popular, 
  • Termite treatment on the ground floor before P.C.C with proper barrier treatment.
  • P.C.C Cemented floors with water levelling as per drawing specification.
  • Rooftop completion (plastic, coal tar, Brick tiles, etc)


House Grey Structure can be complete within 2-3 months if two-story building.

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