Labor Rate Grey Structure


Most People don’t know what is the grey structure labor rate in the market for house construction. and what are the things included in the grey structure?

Before signing a contract you should know about these things

Written Construction Agreement 

Civil Items Include and what items are not included

Electric work till grey structure as per drawing is included or not

plumbing work till grey structure house labor is included and outside job is included or not

Boundary wall as per drawing front and all

Outside P.C.C work Complete with all passageway

water tanks & septic tanks included underground only measurements will be taken of the top slab

They got tug by their contactor (thekdar)

shuttering included or not (if there is a double-height area in your drawings what would be the extra charges)

which shuttering they will use for the construction of wood palai or stele shuttering 

Steel binding is included in the agreement it should be and there will be no extra charges for the steel on lentil slabs

kitchen and  store slabs if there are any it is also part of the job in grey structure labor construction

windows shades will be made and measurements will be taken same as lentil slab

 the main gate will be installed after the completion of the grey structure without any extra charges

construction work in Pakistan is also a bit difficult job with labour. if you think you can deal with them it’s good but you don’t know it’s gonna be a bit tough. they gonna make lots of mistakes while making your home or construction job.

you can waste your precious time and money always hire a trustworthy company 




House Labor Rate Grey Structure Measurement

edge to edge of lentil slab-like (example) 20 x 20 = 400

there is any shade on the windows it is also part of the covered area normally window shade width is 1.5 feet.

also the same as all tanks water tanks and septic

roof plaster is not included because nowadays everyone is willing for the false ceiling work that will be an additional cost add

before agreement discusses the plaster job and all



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Home Labor Rate Grey Structure items 

  1. All Masonry work as per drawing (height 10.5 feet) single floor
  2. Door base of the installation
  3. Door lintels (inclusive of shades)
  4. C.C slab (as per drawing specification including beams)
  5. Elevation shapeup as per drawing (or 3D )
  6. Plasters inside & outside excluding roof ( roof will not plasters)
  7. Staircase till plaster (extra charges for the metal staircase)
  8. Metal safety grill windows installation only
  9. Installation of Main Gate with pillars
  10. Boundary wall as per drawing
  11. Bricks work Septic tank & Under Groundwater tank with plaster and chips
  12. P.C.C Cemented floors with water levelling (as drawing specification)
  13. Rooftop completion plus heat insulation (plastic, coal tar, tiles, etc)
  14. Steel binding included in this agreement (No Extra Charges)


labor rate grey structure construction

Bricks work 

plaster work construction on labor rate

plasterwork construction on labour rate