Renovation Ideas for Old Homes

so many ways nowadays to renovation your home with moderate style to sell your home or upgrade your house.

there are so many things you got to take care so you need much free time for that

first of all, take a paper and pen to note down all the things which you think that these are old or need to be replaced

and one more thing the most important thing first you have to decide your budget.

don’t start the work until you have that much money you will be stuck.

and people don’t like messy things even  yourself


the very important thing that you need to take care flooring design if your current floor flooring with tile then probably you don’t need change that

but if your flooring with marble with normal range i think you should change it.

False Ceiling

if your house roof doesn’t have false ceiling then you are the most important part that you are missing.

your house interior looks totaly change if you apply false ceiling with latest design both things are very important

1st one and the second one both are expensive work for the renovation but your house looks will be totaly change

strongly recommended flooring and false ceiling

in the market, there are three types of false ceiling

  1. Thermopolis sheets ( 60/sqft )
  2. plaster of Paris ( 70/sqft )
  3. Gypsum Board ( 140/sqft )

so it depends on your budget which false ceiling you apply renovation ideas for old homes

Wood Work renovation ideas for old house

for the interior work up-gradation renovation ideas for old homes door are too very important.

you gotta take  care of your room doors and the main door as well

there are so many many many ways and many types of doors available

  1. Panel Doors
  2. Semi-Solid Doors
  3. Wooden Door

Panel doors are cheap kind of ready-made door you cannot change the design but there are 20 to 25 design options available

for the wooden door and semi-solid doors you can customize design available you can do that up to your choice


light is very important new stylish moderate lights fancy walls light 

chandelier for the drawing-room and Tv lounge if you have stair hall you can install chandelier too

because the first impression is the last…


they are more things to apply wallpapers and PVC panel and much more things marble on the stairs niches and all 

there are too many things for that you will have to hire a professional company or person 

which they will give you a new idea for house renovation