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Offers Architect plans for Your Dreams House

 Offers House Gray Structure in Just 1100/sqft – 1200/sqft with A+ Quality

Al Naafay Offers Turnkey Projects Starting From 1900/sqft-2200/sqft

Al Naafay is Construction Company & interior, exterior designer company based in Lahore.

Endeavor to provide our client with the highest quality finished products, at the best price and as expeditiously as possible In order to achieve this mission,

operate from a solid foundation of corporate beliefs.

Employees share the cooperate philosophy that emphasizes individual’s respect, quality service, cost Efficiency, productivity, and team effort.

Maintain our profitability and growth by upgrading our Innovative design always develops in tandem with innovative Designer and can never be an end in itself. r system, perpetual process of learning and continue Development of our employee’s skill.

Our project management approach is proactive, responsive and uncompromising on quality and safety.

Al Naafay construction company have complete lots of gray structure project in Lahore city & Islamabad defines a project as “successful” that is completed on schedule, on budget and according to the clients’ technical specification and performance requirements.

Our extensive expertise and know how comprehensively covers all the spheres of company business

Al Naafay Construction Company

House Construction Company Lahore

We provide complete Architectural plans & design solutions including Structural Design, Electric, and Furniture HVAC Ceiling layouts; and its associated fields like Landscape and Interior Architecture home decor ideas decorating ideas interior design ideas bedroom designs bathrooms designs living room designs full home interior and much more. We have Best Architect in Lahore We undertake residential, commercial, industrial projects, etc. We provide distinctive architecture, interior design and urban planning solutions with an environmentally conscious, cost-effective and time capable approach
Gray Structure
Do we provide all Construction Gray Structure Services What is Gray Structure? While Constructing your dream home Till Plasters (When all looks gray is called gray structure)  items come in gray structure gray structure is very important for the house or building finishing it does matter but not as the gray structure for the strength or for the safety of the building where you going to spend precious moments. so made your gray structure perfect and powerful Gray Structure Items Click Here

Al Naafay House Construction Company Lahore

What Do We Do

Planning/Designing Work

present to your plans and perspectives from your basic concepts with our own fresh designs to create better, more imaginative and well-organized design for living.

Building Permit Processing And Documentation

Prepare and facilities all required the set of plans and documentation needed and the requirement by the government agencies concerned: including requirements for building/house permit processing

Construction Work

Provide labor and materials specified and required by the owner or for the need to complete the building/house.

We do the construction end to end from excavation to turnover of the complete project.

Deliver the complete project on time with best quality work safety and soundness of structure to maintain our company assurance and quality standards and for client trust.